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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Would you like to visit the Green Blog - my latest blogsite that is my green niche...

CoolWould you like to visit the Green Blog?  My latest blogsite that is my Green Niche for Conservation, Ecology, Environment, Climate Change, Global Warming etc.

You might like to comment on todays issues, give some technical advice etc

See you there at the GREEN BLOG

Read my latest post about "Death in the mist  -  the wanton slaughter of gorillas in the Congo".


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Posted by: kiwipete
Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How safe is safe, I wonder, online these days - watch out for Big Brother...

FrownI originally wrote this on another site in June 2006:

Question: Was Chinese dissident Jiang Ljun convicted of subversion with the help of Yahoo in providing the contents of Jiang's email account?
Answer: Most likely!

Is this a wider warning that Big Brother is really alive and kicking, and that the internet is part of his domain.You better believe it. Be warned!

This piece of news proves that nobody's private information is secure on the internet - if your government really wants to discover for itself, it can with the help of Yahoo or some other internet server!

A year down the track and I wonder what has changed? Do any of you here at Huttriver have similar information to my above post? How safe is our information on the internet?


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Posted by: kiwipete
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

A tale of two police shootings - half a world away...

A Tale of Two Police Shootings ...

Reading the American story below made me think of a New Zealand case where a young man was shot by police. But lets go to America first.

1/ America:

An unarmed, mentally ill young man of 18 years could be heard yelling over the phone," I've got a gun!" as his mother made an emergency call.

New York police arrived at the family home and opened fire on the young man in a 20 bullet barrage, according to a transcript of the emergency call released by police recently.

Five police officers opened fire on him, after he allegedly charged them outside of his home with an alleged black object in his hand - a hair brush!

His mother had apparently attempted to have her son hospitalised earlier that day. But she was unsuccessful in convincing authorities of the need for his admission. There is definately no need now!

2/ New Zealand:

Some years ago in Taranaki, New Zealand, a young man in his late twenties left his parents home in the evening in an extremely agitated state. A short time later he was reported to police as being the culprit smashing windows in the town's CBD. Police moved in, ordering him to cease, but he continued on his smashing spree. The police officers again ordered him to desist, but this time he moved towards the leading police officer, armed with a softball bat and golf club.

The leading policeman raised his Glock pistol which had been in the patrol car, and again ordered the man to desist, but he kept moving towards the policeman, who fired a number of shots at him. He fell mortally wounded. and died later.

This case raised a furore within New Zealand at the time because the general public claimed the policeman over-reacted. Apparently a police- dog and handler had been sent from New Plymouth city, only twenty minutes away by road. The dead man's family and members of the general public maintained that the police should have backed off and waited for the dog and handler to arrive.

The policeman was exonerated of any wrong doing at the inquest and ensuing enquiry. But the New Zealand public remains divided over the policeaction, many years later.

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Posted by: kiwipete
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finding the treasure of the Santa Margarita in 2007...

Cool Finding the treasure of the Santa Margarita in 2007...

Salvagers have discovered thousands of pearls in a small lead box, while searching for the wreckage of the 17th Century Spanish galleon Santa Margarita.

Divers from Blue Water Ventures of Key West said they had found the sealed box, which measured 9cm by 14 cm, along with a gold bar, eight gold chains and hundreds of other artifacts.

The finders of this treasure believe it is worth more than$1.3 million dollars at todays value.

The artifacts were buried beneath the ocean floor in about 5.5m of water west of Key West.

The first treasures from the Santa Margarita was discovered in 1980 by pioneering shipwreck salvor Mel Fisher.

The ship was allegedly heading for Spain when it sank in a hurricane in 1622.


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Posted by: kiwipete
Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kiwi Riverman has a new member to his team.

The Kiwi Riverman has a new member to his team, " Down by the Huttriver" can be found on  http://peter.petterson.blogspot.com this is the local blogsite for the Lower Hutt City area.

This will cover local issues, important matters,  controversies, and local government. This year is election year for local bodies and boards. I will post articles here  at "Down by the Huttriver" and make reference in Letters to the Editor.

 If you are resident in Lower Hutt City, in the Wellington region of New Zealand, this can be your forum to comment to; please be polite.

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Posted by: kiwipete
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