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Not the Lady Souther Cross plane off the Burmese coast - Kiwi writer dispute Aussie film-maker's claim...


A New Zealand writer has disputed and scorned the claims of a Sydney, Australia, filmmaker's claim that he had found the final resting place of legendary and iconic Australian aviator, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

Sir Charles, or Smithy as Aussies love to call him,was the first pilot to fly the Tasman Sea in both directions in 1928. Seven years later he and his co-pilot Tommy Pethybridge disappeared off the face of the earth while attempting to break the record for a flight btween England and Australia in the historic aeroplane, Lady Southern Cross.

Now 75 years later the Australian filmmaker,Damien Lay claims he has solved the mystery of Australia's lastgreat mystery by allegedly locating the wreckage of the plane off the coast of Burma.

"One of Australia's oldest mystery's and greatest legends. The war hero and adventurer, the world record attempt, and the sudden disappearance, and a number of small clues, hinting and whispering of their tragic end." (Justin Vallejo), March 21, 2009.

He reportedly said that he had found the wreckage under 20 metres ofwater and mud in a bay of tremote Aye Island, after a five day search involving 63 dives and sonar tracking. But is it the Lady Southern Cross?

Not so says New Zealand writer,Ian Mackersey, author of SMITHY: THE LIFE OF SIR KINGSFORD SMITH, who dismissed Mr Lay's claim as outright nonsense.

Mr Mackersey apparentlt quoted two aircraft experts from Australian Defence Ministry Aero nautical Research Laboratory who,in 1992, concluded:" The two occupants bodies would have quite quickly disappeared without trace and so, in those tropical waters, would all the wooden components - followed eventually by the light alloy section which would include quite a bit of the engine."

"All that would remain somewhere probably spread across two hundred yards of the ocean floor, will be the few steel bits of the engine."

Ian Mackersey concluded:"There is no way that the object on the seabed can be Smithy's aeroplane. Alas, the discovery claim is nonsense."

So much for the claim at this point in time. Mr Lay would have to come up with his own expert witnesses to refute Mackersey's denial.

Contributor's Note

And so it continues. What is the truth?


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Clean and green New Zealand wind power - wind turbines and wind farms...

defaultClean and green New Zealand wind power - wind turbines and wind farms...

First published at Qassia:

Wind power - wind turbines and wind power. What better product can be produced in our own countries, than pure, unadulterated wind energy? The answer is, of course, none!

China now, and Japan all those decades ago, could copy and produce just about anything - a variety of products, machines and mechanical tools, musical equipment, computers, motor vehicles, boats and planes, clothing and accessories - and food too!

But pure, clean and green, unadulterated New Zealand wind power can never be emulated by China or anybody else for that matter. They may create or buy a New Zealand company to generate windpower here, but it will always be "New Zealand" energy. We will always be buying New Zealand energy products.

Wind power is undoubtably the energy of the future in New Zealand, with its mountainous and hilly terrain, and its reasonable closeness to coastal areas and wind and sea currents. And the sea too, is another enegy alternative - using the power of the sea and tidal currents to generate electricity.

In New Zealand the modern wind turbine is a far cry from the old windmills associated with countries like Holland and the other low countries, in ages past. The modern symmetrical and clean lines of the modern wind turbine are appearing in clusters of "wind farms" up and down the country, with many applications to planning committees to create even more of these wind turbine generators.

The majority of New Zealand power is generated in our rivers by hydro electric plants, supplemented by coal fired turbines, geothermal plants, solar energy, wind turbines; and the futuristically planned tidal generators off the coast of the country.

Nuclear energy has never been considered as an option in a country that has actually had a proud and determined anti- nuclear policy for just on a quarter of a century.

What could you expect, I wonder, in another quarter of a century; urban houses with rows of solar panels and a small wind turbine or two attached to their chimneys?

In rural towns and on hundreds of farms around the country rows of solar panels and a small windfarm could be utilised to make them self sufficient in energy. Perhaps in time the bulk of our hydro electric and coal fired plants could be used for industry, schools, universities and hospitals - all of which could have some form of alternative energy generators as well.

Wherever, and however, this energy will be clean and green, pure unadulterated New Zealand energy that cannot be emulated anywhere else on the globe. We will buy New Zealand without a doubt!

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The mighty All Blacks from New Zealand could play a rugby test match in Denver, Colorado this year, 2009...


The mighty All Blacks from New Zealand could play a rugby test in Denver, Colorado...

Denver rugby officials could get an international rugby union test in their city if they get the green light.

They have been asked to put up a strong case why they should get a Bledisloe Cup test between the mighty New Zealand All Blacks and the Australian Wallabies. A precedent was set last year when one of the annual test matches between the two giants of rugby union was played at Hong Kong, and won by the All Blacks, as the two teams were on their way to the UK and Ireland for end of year test matches.

The President of the Metro Denver Sports Commission, KieAnn Brownell led a delegation to the NZRU(New Zealand Rugby Union) two weeks ago to state the city's case why the match should be played there in October this year.

One of the main concerns over the hosting of the test match in Denver, rather than Tokyo, Japan, the other option on the table,was whether enough people would attend a game in Denver, Colorado. After all, rugby union is a foreign game to most Americans, apart from those involved in supporting American teams.

But Brownell said its aim was to sell out the 76,125 seat capacity of the Invesco Field, the home of the Denver Broncos.

To achieve this the Denver rugby organisers would embark on a massive promotional campaign in the months leading up to the test. Their aim would to be to also attract fans and the curious from outside the Denver, Colorado area. The All Blacks and Wallaby players and officials would come over before the test and meet the local media.

They would do a lot of build-up work around what would be the biggest rugby match to have been played in the USA in the last 50 years. Companies from New Zealand and Australia would be invited to become involved with their trade association links.

The New Zealand All Blacks are that country's strongest iconic brand and they would use the opportunity to promote the country as well. The All Blacks were the world's biggest rugby brand as well.

New Zealand will host the next Rugby World Cup; the third biggest sporting occasion behind the Olympics and the Soccer(Football to some) World Cup.

Kieann Brownell said their aim was also to be Rugby City,USA. This game would achieve their aim because of its enormous sporting possibilities.




Its birthday time again, another place, another time...

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It is birthday time soon, another place another time. But this year is significant because it is the big 65  -  retirement time here in New Zealand. You don't have to retire if you don't want to, but you become eligible for our universal  National Superannuation; you pay on  your earnings at a higher rate of tax. So roll on Feb 27.
I will be continuing to find an outlet for my writing  -   a little writing fix. Will continue my blogging here and on my other sites. I continue to rub shoulders with a number of talented writers on most of my blogging sites. It must rub off eventually!

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