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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A member of Blogfeast.com wanted to know if there was any relationship or significance between Huttriver and Huttriver2?

A member of Blogfeast.net wanted to know if there was any relationship between Huttriver of Writingup.com and Huttriver2 of Blogfeast. net, and just what is the meaning or significance of the name in any case? There is and with this site as well. They are all my blogs!

The answer is yes, there is significance and a relationship between the two writing blogs and this site, and there is a geographical relationship as well.Writing up a storm!

The Hutt River flows through the Hutt Valley from the hills above the mini city of Upper Hutt, through my home city of Lower Hutt, pop:95,000, and out to Wellington Harbour. Wellington City is the capital of New Zealand, a small country of much renown for its ability to punch above its weight in sport and its world reputation for social reform. New Zealand has had a left of centre social democratic government for seven years now; they are in their third term of three years. New Zealand gained wide renown for its nuclear free policies in the early 1980's.

New Zealand is about three hours by the big silver bird from Sydney and Melbourne, and a liitle more from Brisbane, the three major cities of Australia.

In 1901 all the existing British colonies in Australia voted for federation in a new Commonweath of Australasia. Although New Zealand had been invited and expected to federate, our political leaders declined, and the new country became Australia, not Australasia as intended, and New Zealand became the Dominion of New Zealand.

Well there you go, an explanation of the meaning and significance of HUTTRIVER and a geography and history lesson to boot and no charge, although you can be regular readers and commentators, if you would like to.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Students are being recruited to courier ingredients for methamphetamine manufacture - New Zealand Police have warned!

Students are being recruited to courier raw ingredients for methamphetamine manufacture by organised Asian criminals, who are moving from kidnapping and extortion to drug trafficking,New Zealand police have warned.

The head of Auckland Asian Crime Unit said vulnerable overseas students have been exploited by criminals.He warned the international education sector,which is worth nearly $2 billion a year,had to protect their students and to be vigilant for any signs of involvement in crime.

Previously, organised Asian criminal groups had made money from Asian students through extortion, which quite often involved kidnappings. But these types of crimes have now been overtaken by drug trafficking.

As the extortion crimes waned, students were becoming involved in drugs - often to repay debts, which could involve drug usage.Many brought precursor substances, which could be purchased over the counter in their home countries, with them into New Zealand.Students who developed drug addictions moved into supply to finance their habits.

A New Zealand educational spokesman said his body which organised international education, were both surprised and concerned about the situation here.New Zealand has about 90,000 students studying here this year.

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The Pope has upset Islam and Muslims therein - claimed Muhammed as being evil and willing to use violence! Was he?

The Pope has upset Islam and Muslims therein because he made some remarks about 14th century quotes that claimed Muhammed as being evil and willing to use violence to promote the muslim faith.

The Catholic Church claims the Popes comments were taken out of context?

I don't know whether he was evil because I wasn't around then. But he most certainly was violent in promoting the Muslim faith.

The reaction of many Muslims to those comments certainly prove that Islam is not a peaceful religion. They are now running around like stoned morons claiming Jihad.Muslims are actually hypocrites!

But having said that,Christians were just as violent in promoting Christendom - remember the Crusader knights?

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No apple for teacher - try an onion?

No apple for teacher!

A New Zealand Crop and Food Research geneticist has discovered a gene that controls sugar levels in onions,but can't guarantee to sweeten up onion breath.

What it could do is give growers the opportunity to develop better tasting and better storing onions.

Although its too early to assess how much the research was commercially, it was likely to boost New Zealand's $61.6 million in onion exports.

The new research is likely to be highly sought after by growers interested in consistent characteristics.

By controlling the sweetness level in onions, it may encourage more people to eat them raw; after all they are are packed full of nutrients.

The same gene could dictate storage time as well. The research which took 5 years to complete was funded by the Foundation for Research, Sciences and Technology, and involved collaboration with researchers in the US, Japan and the Netherlands.

No girls,Huttriver is sweet enough!


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Friday, September 15, 2006

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs here on the Huttriver site.

Would you like to have a blogsite on Huttriver?

Quickly visit http:// huttriver.21publish.com and visit the site.

Become a member of the Huttriver community!

See you soon!

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New Zealand company has developed new technology to dry sewerage sludge and use the end product as fertiliser or fuel!


An Auckland, New Zealand, company has developed new technology to dry sewerage sludge and use the end product as fertiliser or fuel.

The company, stated its two stage thermal system for drying the sludge and reducing the volume of waste,produces a product which is easy to handle and is hygenic as well.

The finished product could be used as a fertiliser or burnt as a fuel like coal.

The project manager said trials were being conducted with the country's largest waste water company.They hoped that the by-product could also be used as a heat source in boilers.Thermal drying is claimed to be an environmental friendly waste solution.

This new technology could stop the dumping of tens of thousands of tonnes of treated waste in landfills. It is to be hoped that other waste water companies would use the new technology as well.

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A week is a long time in politics, its often said. Well a day can be a long time for Don Brash, New Zealand Opposition leader!

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A week is a long time in politics, its often said. Well a day can be a long time in New Zealand politics.The National Party right of centre opposition had the governing left of centre Labour Party on the ropes because of accusations of election overspending; and there was also controversy about the Exclusive Brethren Church's support of National in the campaign - then the spectre of former President Bill Clinton permeated the political scene here!

No denials of having sexual relations with that woman Clinton style - Dr Don Brash's, (National leader) little secrets were exposed in Parliament because of comments from one of his own members of Parliament. The Don ran for cover!

He had sexual relations with that woman - called Diane Foreman! Not the first time for Dr Brash whose first wife divorced him because he couldn't keep his fly done up!

He is now married to his partner in that infidelity. He has now taken leave from Parliament to try and save his second marriage.

When you lean heavily on your reputation of apparent honesty and step into that territory and attack the Prime Minister's alleged lack of integrity and honesty - you had better be squeaky clean!

Dr Brash was part of a group of people who accused the Labour Government of corruption and dishonesty - and history will relate there was a real opportunity to respond!

Dr Brash put himself out there in the wider world as a principled leader of integrity and attacked his opponents for that lack of integrity and for indulging in sleaze and lies!

He is the supposed alternative prime minister for New Zealand. Yeah right! Bill Clinton, a pretty good president, was a horny devil who couldn't keep it in his pants. Et Tu Don Brash!

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Gay bashing in the New Zealand Presbyterian Church causes embarrassment to church leaders!



We remain in New Zealand for an account of gay-bashing in the Presbyterian Church which has highly embarrassed the church's leadership in the last few days.

There has been an up-roar within the church as it prepares to vote in its Assembly on the question of whether gays should be allowed to remain in their church, and whether members who live in relationships outside of marriage should be allowed to become ministers or church elders. The 500 person Assembly creates church policy.

A small minority of hardline opponents of continued church membership of gays has prepared and circulated car bumper stickers which condemns continued membership of gays within the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.

The bumper stickers announce that gays aren't welcome, or are a cancer in our church. Highly inflammable comments you might say!

This slur campaign has sickened obviously decent and fair minded members within the church.

A lesbian church minister who was appointed in 2001, said she was highly embarrassed and ashamed that her church had been compromised by bigots, and she was also concerned for gays outside of the church.They are shocking images and sentiments to deal with.

The slur campaign has been outrightly condemned by the church's leadership.

The Chief Human Rights Commissioner of New Zealand, Rosslyn Noonan,said the bumper stickers constituted hate speech - but didn't actually breach the Human Rights Act!

Be that as it may, I was under the impression that New Zealand's mainstream churches were more enlightened than they actually are. New Zealand society has moved on since legislative changes with the Homosexual Law Reform Act twenty years ago.I think the question of hate speech should be given more consideration in future.This sort of behaviour is to be expected in the fundamentalist minority sects within Christendom and Islam!

That was New Zealand this week - what experiences have fellow Bloggers had in recent times regarding this subject in their own countries?

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Trali of Death - acute lung fatalities - concern for world medical authorities!

A Trali of death - acute lung injury fatalities - concern for world medical authorities.

A blood transfusion - related acute lung injury , called Trali, is a life threatening immune reaction following blood transfusions that have caused hundreds of deaths around the world each year.Healthcare workers often do not recognize the symptoms and experts claim the actual death rates to be higher.

While the cause is not apparently clear, it appears to affect primarily those people who have had previously been exposed to a variety of blood groups in the past...such as people who have had multiple transfusions.

One report claimed Trali is now one of the leading causes of blood transfusion- related deaths in the US and the UK - creating further problems for blood banks than high profile diseases such as HIV- Aids.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Is there any connection between Islam and the Church of Satan?

Recently I visited an Islamic website and found evidence of an official Church of Satan.Who are they and how are they connected with Islam?

I'll just discuss what I read, how I see any connection and leave it up to you to decide for yourselves.

There is an official Church of Satan.Followers of Satan, the fallen angel,existed long before Christ.Modern Satanists bear more resemblance to pagans and atheists than the baby mutilating goblins of popular yore.

Satanists did not exist as a modern religion before 1966 when Anton La Vey and associates organised a religion based on the principles expressed in the many stories of Satan,God's nemesis. In 1967 LaVey produced a book that has become known as th Satanic Bible, and the Church of Satan was born!

Modern Satanism is a broad term to describe all the sects of Satanism - many churches and philosophies all at odds with
themselves - The Church of Satan and The Temple of Set are apparently
the largest two of the main branches.

Their main beliefs are outlined in the Nine Satanic Statements from the Satanic Bible and the Eleven Rules of the Earth!

So much for the Satanists themselves.The combined teachings of Jesus Christ and the prophet Muhammed dispel these Satanic rules!

Lets look at a few comments from Islam to get some idea of where they come from?

Holy Qur'ran 16:126
" And if you take your turn, retaliate with the like of that with which you were afflicted:But if you endure patiently, verily itis better for the patient."

However, this supercedes the code of Satan which promotes a merciless vengeance, while Islam teaches to only attack with the same amount you were attacked with, for example, you don't kill somebody for scratching your hand.

Kindness and Vengeance do not mix,only if you are kind to yourself; because everyone who intentially or unintentionally wrongs you, so Satan is advocating revenge on everybody while Islam completed the teachings of Jesus by clarifying that when you are being attacked,it is best to have patience and forgiveness against the attack, but then if the attack continues, then you're given permission to retaliate only with the equal amount of force that was used.

It may be a little difficult to understand but I believe it says if you are attacked, have a little patience because the attack may stop; if it doesn't you can defend yourself to the degree suffered.

Of course we all know that Jesus said,turn the other cheek!

It is the Satanists who advocate and demand vengeance, and that is the attitude and policies of the fundamentalist Muslims, who are responsible for the call to Jihad and the encouragement of suicide bombings in recent times! Just what credibility can Islam maintain if they do no publicly rebuke these fundamentalists who defile the teachings of the prophet,Muhammed and Islam! Islam's jihad with Islam!

Well there we are and now it's up to you to make up your own minds about the contents of this posting? Have a happy day! Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life!

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

There may not be a cancer cure - but hopes are raised for a new generation of cancer treatments!

There may still not be a cancer cure - but hopes are raised for a new generation of cancer treatments.

A new trial in the US has provided the first direct evidence that normal immune system cells can actually be altered in such a way to become tumour-hunters - raising hopes for a new generation of cancer treatments.

Two men who were apparently dying of the most viralent form of skin - melanoma, have been saved after their white blood cells were genetically engineered to fight their tumours.

Although the new treatment has been tried on the most viralent form of skin cancer - malignant melanoma which kills over two hundred people a year in New Zealand alone, scientists are convinced that it should eventually work on other tumours in the breast,lung and liver.

At the US National Cancer Institute a team has reportedly tailored human white cells to recognize and destroy other cancers in the lab - the researchers said it wouldn't yet work on every patient, and wasn't a silver bullet cure - but it was a promising breakthrough!

During tests on 17 melanoma patients who received tailored cells, only two responded effectively - but these two cases proved the principle that adapted cells can survive and shrink tumours.

This was the first time that gene manipulations have been shown to regress tumours in humans.It clearly was just the first step, but caution suggested that hopes should not be raised too much - it is however an exciting prospect and proved that this type of approach could be successful in the long term.

The two patients who are now apparently cured and originally had advanced skin cancer, had not been helped by standard therapies; they had also been given 3-6 mths to live.The tumours disappeared and they have now been completely disease free 18 mths later. Scientists have not yet given a longterm prognosis for the two men, although one was pronounced completely free of cancer when last examined.Time will tell!

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Friday, September 1, 2006

A most tragic case of parental tough love gone wrong. Part2: The aftermath!


Since the tragic killing of Liam a week ago, a lot has come out of the closet, so to speak.Liam was afflicted with a bad case of ADHD - he wasn't the tearaway as described by a daily newspaper, that would suggest that Liam had some control over his behaviour. The simple fact of the matter is that young people,usually boys, afflicted with that condition have no realisation of the consequences of their actions!

I know what that scenario can be because we have been raising our now 15 year old grandson since he was 8 years old and every week there are behavioural problems of varying degrees.He and school have parted ways, just as Liam did a few years ago.We understand the problems that his parents and immediate family have had to endure. Our grandson has taken out a few windows at home and school; there has been a bit of graffiti on fences, and his language would make a trooper proud, but not to the extent of the late,Liam.

I would strongly suggest that many of Liam's problems had to do with his marijuana, and probably alcohol habits. For a young person who was totally irresponsible and lacking the consequences of his actions, and probably couldn't keep his mouth shut - constantly yapping and getting on other peoples nerves, his was a road to a perdition, and in his particular case, to an early end!

There will be enquiries and heads may roll - why was a 17 year old like Liam, allowed to be transported with a dangerous criminal from the courthouse to prison?

Why wasn't he put in with an overstayer for the ride to prison - the man who stated he heard all the noise in the next compartment of the security van - the noise of Liam's deadly assault!

I'll reguarlly update you about the ongoing enquiries, and the ensuing murder trial. Liam's family has laid him to rest now. The heartaches of his criminal behaviour at home have gone now, just sad memories - but I still say that his parents did the right thing with their tough love approach - it was the system that let them down!

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